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Roller blind
Free-hanging fabric roller blind, mounted on a metal bracket with a plastic cap. Raise and lower with a ball chain.
Roller blind with electric motor powered by a battery. The battery is integrated with the motor and is located inside the blind. The batteries can be recharged like a mobile phone. There is no need for any extra equipment. The motor is controlled by a radio remote control. The radio transmitter is equipped with 5 channels, and each channel can be programmed with up to 16 motors. Just one remote and one charger to handle over a dozen blind throughout the house. One charge of the blinds for 6-8 hours lasts an average of 6-8 months with normal use.
Roller blind with montage profile
Roller blind made of high quality fabric, with an additional rear frame for mounting. Raise and lower with a ball chain. The bottom bar has a fabric covering. This type of blind is mounted with special clips, which gets round the handles on the PVC frame.
Cassette roller blind
Roller blind supported by a full half-round cassette. Raise and lower with a ball chain. The bottom bar is made of aluminium, in the same colour as the entire system. The blinds are mounted with a specially-designed clip. The mechanism is adapted to PVC brackets.
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