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Wooden Blinds

A timeless product for a sophisticated look, wooden Venetian blinds are the perfect complement to your office or apartment. Ideal for those who appreciate the uniqueness and warmth of natural wood.


Our wooden Venetian blinds are available in two slat widths of 50mm and 70mm. You can also choose the fabric for the cords, whether you prefer a classic ladder or a ladder tape with a width of 25mm or 38mm. The blinds also come with a wooden box bracket, which attaches to the upper steel rail with magnets. Depending on your needs, you can have the box bracket cover the rail from the front as well as enclose the sides of the upper rail. We also have blinds with side guide-ropes that will keep the blind in a fixed position relative to the window.


Wooden Venetian blinds are controlled by two cords, one for pulling the slats up and down and the other for tilting from front to back.


Our collection comes in nearly 30 slat colours. We recommend you order some of our free slat samples to ensure the colours are exactly what you have in mind.


All of our products are supplied complete with mounting brackets. All you need to do is choose the appropriate assembly method in our configurator.

Wooden blinds
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We encourage you to order free samples of fabrics. Please click here to go to the order.
The configuration is simpler than you think:
Our Configurator allows you to create a product in a few simple steps:
Slat width selection

Slat colorselection

Control type selection

Installation type selection


Please make an accurate measurement of your window.
Refer to the measurement manual.
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