Pleated Blinds

Our clients love pleated blinds for a reason. They are straightforward to operate but still have a lot of technical capability. You can move the rails up and down to choose your desired level of sunlight protection. They also provide excellent shelter from the looks of outsiders. More information

External Roller Shutters

External roller shutters - are usually installed from the outside, in front of a window or doors. A vast selection of cassettes, rails, and colours will suit your expectations. You can also find a range of high-quality engines that guarantee a smooth motion. More information

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have been lately a big trend in the industry of window coverings. These shutters provide a great choice of colours; therefore they have become one of our most popular decorative elements. You can easily operate the roller blinds by using chain blocks made of synthetic materials or metallic balls. The choice of the fabric dictates the level of provided darkness, prevents the unwanted sunlight on your display screen and can make your room atmosphere more pleasant! More information

Day & Night Roller Blinds

What stands out the most about the day & night roller blinds is that they are made from two different belts of fabric. That is what differs the day & night roller blinds from classic roller blinds. Transparent fabrics change with the opaque ones as you operate them. That way, you can easily regulate the amount of light that comes through your windows: whether it is a bright day, a dim afternoon or a night. With day & night roller blinds, you receive not only a considerable protective measure against sunlight, but they are also eye candy that suits every taste. More information

External Venetian Blinds

This modern and suitable window covering protects offices and homes outstandingly from wind and sunlight. Thanks to the stable design, these products live through the fiercest gusts of wind and extreme weather conditions. This amazing commodity provides a vast variety of colours and a new modern look of your exterior.