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How to order

Ordering in our shop is simple and intuitive. Here you'll get lots of tips to help you through the ordering process. Happy shopping!
Please choose a product
Ordering in our shop runs is simple and intuitive. Just click on "Online-Shop" and then choose the product you want from the list. Our configurator will help you choose the right product.                         If you're not sure about something or if you have any questions, please contact                          our shop.
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Placing an order
When you've chosen a product click on the "Order" button. You'll then be redirected to our BlindsPRO product configurator.

Configurator BlindsPRO
It just takes one step to order the product, specifying parameters                        such as model, material, mounting, dimensions. Don't                        worry; our configurator has been designed to make the whole process                        of ordering easy and convenient.

Basket and order confirmation
Please add the selected product to your basket and confirm your order.                        Then choose the shipping and payment methods.                        The products you've ordered will be delivered within the timeframe applicable to the selected product.
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