Premium pleated blind

1Window shape

Classic window shapes are ideal for pleated blinds with side guides or free hanging pleats. The former can be mounted directly on the window. They are perfect for hinged windows, which means they have a broad range of applications. Free-hanging pleats can be installed in the window recess or directly onto the window. Whichever type you choose, mounting is very simple.
Free shape
Triangular or trapezoid pleats are also available. These are ideal for attic windows along with unusual panes in historic buildings, where a preservation order may prohibit the use of traditionally-shaped windows. They are also well-suited to futuristic designs featuring unusually-shaped windows.
Conservatory roof blinds (Plafonds) are a contemporary solution for anyone who would like to shade windows mounted horizontally. Most often they are used in conservatory roofs and glass constructions in which the roof surfaces have a high permeability to sunlight. They are also ideal for large-scale attic windows.
Plafond, Shape
Conservatory roof blinds (Plafonds) allow you to cover windows of even the most sophisticated shapes. They have a wide range of applications: plafonds can be used for skylights installed horizontally or which are very obtuse-angled. They are the ideal product for conservatory roofs.