Roof window roller blindes (photo print)

2roof window model

Choosing the right window type, please pay particular attention the data exactly matches the values given on the nameplate (reference number). One wrong letter can cause the product will not fit in the window. Please remember that our products are custom manufactured and are excluded from the right to return. We are not responsible for the incorrectly defined window type.
Please select the Manufacturer, Type and Model of the window. If you don`t know the manufacturer of your roof window, click Skip.
When mounting the product on Velux windows, it is important to remove the original Velux handles from the window. Removing the handle will not damage the window. The original plastic handles must be permanently and irreversibly removed by knocking out the handle Assembly instruction. This point is important, as according to the terms of our regulations, it is not possible to exchange or return a custom made product.