Day & night roller blinds

Day & night roller blinds Basic

old price 66,60 £
from 33,30 £
plus shipping
  • about 20 different fabrics
  • montage without drilling
  • full customization
  • an affordable price
Try before you buy with a free fabric sample. Please click here, to go to the order page.

Day & night roller blinds Basic Premium

old price 92,13 £
from 46,07 £
plus shipping
  • up to 70 various fabrics
  • montage without drilling
  • operated manually/electrically
  • many colours of systems (mounting frame/cassette)
  • full customization
Try before you buy with a free fabric sample. Please click here, to go to the order page.

Day & night roller blind models

These day & night blinds come in a mounting profile or aluminium cassette version. The system of the day & night blind is available in white, grey and black for the mounting profile, and white, grey and cream for the cassette version.


The standard way to control blinds is using the traditional plastic beaded chain. The bead chain colours match the blind colour system. Thereby you are offered a large selection of various colours. By offering this wide range of colours you should find your perfect match. Making our customers happy is our main goal!

The standard bead chain is made from plastic, but a metal beaded chain option is also available. The benefit of plastic beaded chain is that it does not kink and has less parts to fail since it uses a continuous cord with one break at the beaded chain connector. The disadvantages of the plastic beaded chain are that they are less flexible compared to the metal beaded chain and are incapable of being made into continuous loops.

Fabrics for the day & night blind

Our day & night blind collection comes in nearly 100 fabrics of which one fabric should be able to please you You can also search for fabrics by parameters such as opacity, flame or humidity resistance if you are looking for something specific. We recommend you order some of our free fabric samples to ensure the colours for you day & night blinds are a perfect match.

Installation of the day & night roller blind

All our products are supplied complete with mounting brackets. All you need to do is choose the appropriate assembly method in our configurator

Montage the day & night roller blind

The day & night blind’s collection is very easy to mount. It is not magic! You could rather say that it is magically easy since everyone should be able to do it by themselves! The best thing about it is it can be done without drilling.

You are able to decide between three different montage types for mounting the day& night blind. As the first option you can choose wall mounting for which you will need to measure the outside recess. The blind is approximately 10 cm wider and approximately 5 cm higher from the recess. Mounting accessories are included in the box.

The second method is ceiling mounting. Here you also will have to measure the ceiling recess. The blind is about 10 cm wider from the recess. Important: the total height is when rolled down the distance between ceiling and lowest point of the blind. This method also includes mounting accessories.

And last but not least we have the on window frame by PVC brackets method for mounting the day& night blind.

Which method suits best to you and your skills depends on you. All in all, these methods are pretty simple and easy going. Should you not be sure which method to pick- no problem! We are happy to help you! Feel free to contact us when having a problem or questions about the day & night blind, our support team will immediately try to find a solution!

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