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Classic Venetian blinds provide excellent protection from the sun and wind. Mounted on the building exterior, they're a decorative element that gives the façade a contemporary look. They're suitable not only for office or large buildings but also ideal for private properties.


With regard to control, there are two variants to choose from: manual operation by means of a crank, and electrical operation by means of a motor. When choosing electric, bear in mind that the drive is designed for a 230V supply. The drive can be operated by means of a switch or by remote control.
Side guides come as standard with our external blinds, and available in two variants: steel cable or guides. All these parameters can be combined with each other depending on your own needs. An additional element is an upper rail cover i.e. a pelmet. The pelmet is made of 1.5 mm-thick aluminium sheet and has four shapes to choose from, depending on how and where you're intending to mount your blinds. The pelmet also comes with side covers enabling the upper rail on the left and right sides to be shielded. Our external blinds are distinguished by their construction. The top rail is open to the bottom, better protecting the components responsible for the proper functioning of the blind. Unusually, the slats are not flat, but have a slightly curved finishing which increases the stability of the blinds. The ladders and tapes are made of Kevlar-reinforced plastic.

Colour scheme

The slats, bottom rail, guides and pelmet are available in five colours from the RAL palette: 9006, 9007, 7016, 9016 and VSR-240, and can be mixed in any colour combination. The top rail is not lacquered.


All the external blinds available in our store can be installed in a niche or on the building façade.

External Venetian Blinds
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