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How to measure

Below are detailed instructions for measuring our products. To open the files you'll need the Adobe Reader, which you can download here.
Measuring instructions Anleitung Animation
Pleated blinds and Duettes
Model VS1, VS2, VS3
Model VS4 Slope
Model VS5 Slope
Model F1, F2
Model F4
Plafond pleated blinds
Roof window pleated blinds
Pleated blinds basic
Plissee Basic
Pleated blinds XL
Pleated blinds XL
RRoller blinds
Premium roller blinds with cassette
Premium roller blinds with mounting profile
Premium roller blinds without cassette
Basic roller blinds
Roof window roller blinds Premium
Roof window roller blinds Basic
Day & night roller blinds
Roller blind with cassette/td>
Model without cassette with mounting profile
Roman blinds
Roman blinds
Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds
Venetian blinds
Premium mit Akkumotor
Top-down/bottom-up venetian blinds
Wooden Venetian blinds
Wooden Venetian blinds 50 i 65 mm
Wooden Venetian blinds 25 mm
External roller shutters
External roller shutters
Mosquito screensz
Mosquito screen
Mosquito Roll
External Venetian Blinds
External Venetian Blinds
Mini roller blinds
Mini roller blinds
Maxi Roller Blinds
Maxi Roller Blinds handling by a crank
Maxi Roller Blinds Electric