Mini roller blinds

Mini roller blinds

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  • 2 different models
  • 5 colours of the system
  • an easy montage without drilling
  • about 300 types of fabrics

Mini roller blinds models

We have two Mini Roller Blind models these arethe two models standard- and large mini roller. The difference between the standard and the large version is the shape of the side guides if you have problems to choose one of the mini roller blinds feel free to contact us via email or mobile phone.


Your blind comes with a beaded chain which can be mounted either on the left or the right side depending on your preference and wishes

Fabrics for the mini roller blinds

The mini roller blinds come in a huge range of fabrics, we currently offer 235 different fabrics so it’s very easy to find one to complement your home’s current style. You can search for fabrics via a range of parameters, such as opacity, non-flammability or humidity resistance. We also recommend you take advantage of free fabric samples to make sure that you’re happy with your chosen colour.

Colour scheme for the mini roller blinds

The cassettes and side guides come in white, silver, beige and bronze. You can also choose from a selection of wood-effect colours: walnut, golden oak, mahogany, light oak and cherry. The side casings and chains match the cassette colour, and are available in white, grey, beige and brown. You can see in the configurator how the individual parts look when combined with each other.


Mini roller blinds are mounted by gluing the cassette and side guides to the window frame. Before mounting, make sure that the surface the product is to be glued to has been thoroughly cleaned, otherwise the product may come unstuck from the frame, and it could be difficult to re-mount it.

Light transmission of the mini roller blinds

We offer four light transmission: transparent, semi-transparent, eclipsed and blackout. We recommend to carefully select the right transmission. Here is an example: you want to buy new mini roller blinds for your bedroom and you do not want to be blended by the sunshine at 8am or that the neighbours can see you through the window you then we recommend you pick the eclipsed or blackout fabric for the perfect transmission in your bedroom. The light transmission option is integrated in the configurator.

Pricing group of the mini roller blinds

The configurator presents the option pricing group to filter the fabric depending on its price. You can choose from a scale of 0 (the cheapest) to 5 (the most expensive). We also have an option in the configurator called “Other”. This is particularly helpful for people who work in an office since you can pick the subgenre “For Office”. This category is specified on mini roller blinds for the office.


Before you buy a product try to have a colour for the mini roller blinds in mind. Look at the frame of the windows and at the colour of the walls to get some inspiration which colour the mini roller blinds should have. Nevertheless, our support team will try to help you with any problem you may encounter.

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