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Our store stocks a range of practical products to protect your home or office interior from insects. Our mosquito screens are a practical way to keep tiny intruders at bay and are a simple yet effective solution for all those who appreciate a good night's sleep with the window open and no annoying buzzing.


Made-to-measure mosquito screens are a simple way to avoid unwanted insects in your home. Two types of mosquito screens are available: a self-assembly mosquito screen, which can be mounted permanently in the window recess and a roll-up mosquito screen that can be unrolled and rolled up depending on your requirements. The screens can be made of two types of aluminium: rolled or extruded, with rolled as the standard option and extruded reinforced if you need an extra-strong solution. The rolled mosquito screen's construction resembles a roller shutter in a round cassette. An additional element is the guides, which keep the screen in place. The roller mosquito net is controlled by a spring mechanism to ensure smooth operation. Our products can be fitted with extra parts such as a brush gasket, an additional handle or a closing frame in the case of roller mosquito nets.

Colour scheme

The mosquito screen frames, cassettes and guides for the roller screens are available in white, beige, brown and silver, allowing you to match your product to the colour of your window frames or the outside of the building..


The screens themselves are made of fibreglass and are available in black and anthracite colours. On request, we can install a specially reinforced screen that can withstand the claws of our beloved pets. The latest in our range is hypo-allergenic screens.


All our products come with a set of mounting brackets. All you need to do is choose the relevant mounting method in our configurator. This is especially important with roller mosquito screens, where it is important to select the right model and the right type of guides that go with it.

Mosquito screens
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