Panel blinds

Panel blinds

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What are panel blinds?

Panel blinds are somewhat similar-looking to vertical blinds, but consist of segments with a width of 50 to 120 cm that move on a multi-track rail (from 2 to 5 tracks). The panel settings can be freely modified and you can therefore individually adjust the amount of light coming into the room. Sunlux24 has a lot of different types of blinds for you!

Control and fitting of panel screens

Panel blinds can be controlled using a cord or a magnetic clip. This is very convenient if you spend a lot of time at home and need to adjust the brightness several times a day. With our window screens you can get near-instant darkness, protection from the sun's rays, or brighten up your room. Window screens can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, which also gives many different arrangement options. We’re sure that our panel blinds will allow you to create an original yet very stylish interior.

Colour and pattern

In our colour and pattern selection, you can choose from many fabrics for panel blinds in various light transmittances. You also have the option of adapting the fabrics to your requirements according to certain characteristics, such as suitability for damp locations, suitability for screen locations or flame resistance.

Panel screens for the bedroom and living room

Our shop allows you to find the perfect match of fabrics and colours for your interior needs and preferences. Our window screens are primarily aimed at the bedroom and living room, although in our opinion they’re also entirely suitable for other spaces, such as the kitchen.

Panel blinds for your children’s rooms

This type of blind is also great for the younger members of the family since it’s something different, and because they come in all types of colour schemes and have a wide range of patterns or other graphic options, your children will love to have them in their rooms.


The installation of the panel blinds is easy. They can be mounted parallel to the windowpane either on the ceiling or with wall brackets on the wall. The textile panels are attached to the panel trolleys using a velcro connection, making them easy to remove for cleaning or redecorating.

Find your dream panel blinds with the configurator

Our tip: If you find it difficult to choose the fabric and colour, we will be happy to send you a free fabric sample. This will be sent to you quickly and easily by mail. This makes it quicker and easier for you to decide on the right fabric for your panel blind.

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