Made-to-measure roller blinds

Basic roller blinds

old price 26,64 £
from 13,32 £
plus shipping
  • 2 different models
  • about 120 various fabrics
  • montage without drilling
  • an affordable price
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Premium roller blinds

old price 39,96 £
from 19,98 £
plus shipping
  • about 300 fabrics to choose
  • 4 different models
  • montage without drilling
  • operated manually/electrically
  • great choice of system colours (mounting frame/cassette)
  • NEW!!! Roller blinds with a battery drive
Try before you buy with a free fabric sample. Please click here, to go to the order page.

Roller blind - the classic sun and privacy protection

The roller blind is an absolute classic when it comes to sun and privacy protection. Unwanted sun rays as well as glances from strangers have no chance with a roller blind. Thus, roller blinds are basically a must for every household. With us, you can customize your roller blinds according to your wishes, choosing between a wide range of models, fabrics and dimensions. The fabrics are available in various colours and in different functions. While transparent roller blinds only provide basic sun and privacy protection, semi-transparent and blackout fabrics can block significantly more of the sun's rays. The fabrics are available in different patterns and colours and convince with functional properties. For example, they are flame retardant and suitable for damp rooms as well as screen places. In our online store, you also get the option to have your roller blind printed with a very personal design. With us, you can order your customized roller blind right now and let yourself be convinced of your unique piece. But one thing at a time.

The popularity of the roller blind

What is it that makes the roller blind so popular? Some points have already been mentioned. Firstly, the roller blind provides protection from the sun's rays and strange looks, and can be customized in shape and pattern. However, this also applies to simple curtains. However, unlike classic curtains, the roller blind is not a dust catcher and basically easier to clean. Furthermore, roller blinds can be better integrated into the apartment image, as they take up less space - an extravagant roller blind can be simply rolled up if necessary, an extravagant curtain or curtain must be suspended to avoid attracting attention. So, in contrast to the curtain, the roller blind can score mainly with its practicality. Therefore, roller blinds are also super suitable for people who like it light and flexible. Since for these reasons the roller blind enjoys great popularity, we at Sunlux24 also have a large product range for you, which can also be customized, as explained in the following.

Roller blinds are available in various models

We sell roller blinds with a mounting profile and blinds with aluminium cassettes. Our roller blinds are also available as a basic option. Our roller blinds can be fitted with side guide-lines, so that the blind is always the same distance from the window.

How to control our roller blinds

The standard way to control roller blinds is using the traditional plastic beaded chain. Beaded chain colours are matched to the blind colour system. The standard bead chain is made from plastic but, if you prefer, metal bead chains are also available and we can also supply electrically-operated blinds. Due to customer demand, we have introduced battery-operated motors. These allow you to enjoy convenience without having to install additional wiring. An entirely new innovation is a blind motor with a built-in battery, which you can charge like your mobile phone and then use for up to 3 months (time depends on intensity of use).

Our roller blinds are available in a wide range fabrics

Our roller blinds are available in one of the widest range of fabrics we supply, so it's easy to find the perfect match for your interiors and needs. You can also search for fabrics by parameters such as opacity, flame or humidity resistance. We recommend you order some of our free fabric samples to ensure the colours are a perfect match.

Photo-print option of our roller blinds for unique designs

Due to increasing customer demand for bespoke designs, we've introduced a photo-print option which allows your own artwork or photos to be printed onto the fabric for a totally unique result. The fabric is personalised by a technique called sublimation where the paint penetrates directly into the fabric. As a result, you won't see fading with use. The inks used in the printing process have all been certified safe for use with children. The end product is odourless, so there is no difference from our standard products beyond its most important advantage - a bespoke, unique blind. We can also print on blackout fabrics, using UV printing technology.

Our roller blinds come in three different colours

Our roller blind systems are available in white, grey and black.

Installation of our roller blinds

All our products are supplied complete with mounting brackets. All you need to do is choose the appropriate assembly method in our configurator.

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