Stylish Roman blinds for your home

Basic Roman blinds

old price 89,91 £
from 53,95 £
plus shipping
  • 13 different fabrics
  • montage without drilling
  • full customization
  • an affordable price
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Premium Roman blinds

old price 167,61 £
from 83,81 £
plus shipping
  • about 100 various fabrics
  • 4 different models
  • montage without drilling
  • operated manually/electrically
  • full customization
Try before you buy with a free fabric sample. Please click here, to go to the order page.

Our Roman blinds come in 6 colours

The blind system comes in a wide range of colours:

  • white
  • cream
  • grey
  • inox (steel)
  • brown
  • black
With such a wide range of system colours of our Roman blinds, you're sure to be able to complement any interior colour scheme or decor.

Sunlux24 Roman blinds come in many different fabrics

Our Roman blinds come in a wide range of textiles, which include lightweight and heavyweight fabrics for maximum shading options. We've also introduced a unique service whereby we make blinds from the customer's own fabric. With prior arrangement we take your own fabric and turn it into the finished product, making it completely unique and allowing you to get the perfect match for your interior.

Control of our Roman blinds

The basic control option is a plastic bead. With it, you can set the Roman blind to any height both up and down. Since it has special built-in mechanisms for handling even very large blinds, it's easy to open and close. For those with special requirements, electrically-controlled options are available, with either a 12/24V DC motor (requires power supply) or a 230V AC motor (does not require adapter). You just choose whether to operate the Roman blind with a switch or by remote control and enjoy the convenience without having to get up from your chair.

Photo-print for bespoke Roman blinds

Due to increasing customer demand for bespoke designs, we've introduced a photo-print option which allows your own artwork or photos to be printed onto the fabric for a totally unique result. The fabric is personalised by a technique called sublimation where the paint penetrates directly into the fabric. As a result, you won't see fading with use. The inks used in the printing process have all been certified safe for use with children. The end product is odourless, so there is no difference from our standard Roman blinds beyond its most important advantage - a bespoke, unique Roman blind.

Easy installation of our Roman blinds

Along with the extensive range of fabric colours and systems, Roman blinds also have universal mounting methods and can be installed in the ceiling or on a wall, in a recess window or in front of a window recess, as well as on the window frame. Our configurator will help you choose the best installation method for your needs.

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