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Skylight roller blinds

Roller blinds are a great choice for covering skylights. Our configurator will help you choose the right blind without the need for measuring your window by way of choosing your window's manufacturer and model. We can also supply custom skylight blinds. Our configurator will help you choose the fabric and mounting method.


Our skylight blinds come with guides and cassette. They're controlled by pulling the bottom rail. Opening the blinds is also very simple: just gently pull the bottom bar, which releases the spring locking mechanism. Our blinds fit windows with glazing bead angles of 90, 96 or 102 degrees. This is particularly important when ordering custom window blinds.


Choose from nearly 200 specially-selected fabrics. The system is available in grey.


Our roller blinds are available in one of the widest range of fabrics we supply, so it's easy to find the perfect match for your interiors and needs. You can also search for fabrics by parameters such as opacity, flame or humidity resistance. We recommend you order some of our free fabric samples to ensure the colours are a perfect match.

Photo-print blinds

Due to increasing customer demand for bespoke designs, we've introduced a photo-print option which allows your own artwork or photos to be printed onto the fabric for a totally unique result. The fabric is personalised by a technique called sublimation where the paint penetrates directly into the fabric. As a result, you won't see fading with use. The inks used in the printing process have all been certified safe for use with children. The end product is odourless, so there is no difference from our standard products beyond its most important advantage - a bespoke, unique blind.


All our products are supplied complete with mounting brackets. All you need to do is choose the appropriate assembly method in our configurator.

Skylight roller blinds basic
from £ 25,03
plus shipping
Try before you buy with a free fabric sample. Please click here to go to the order page.
Skylight roller blinds premium
from £ 36,63
plus shipping
Try before you buy with a free fabric sample. Please click here to go to the order page.
The configuration is simpler than you think:
Our Configurator allows you to create a product in a few simple steps:
Model selection

Fabric selection

System color selection

Installation type selection


Please make an accurate measurement of your window.
Refer to the measurement manual.
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