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Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are the most popular window dressing product family, and come in a huge range of models and colours. Whatever your mood or requirements, our choice of both classic and contemporary Venetian blinds are sure to meet your needs.


Our shop supplies two versions of Venetian blinds: Basic and Premium. Basic Venetian blinds have aluminum slats with a width of 25mm, controlled by cords to pull the slats up and down and a knob to tilt them front to back. Premium Venetian blinds have aluminum slats and come in a choice of widths of 16mm and 25mm. Premium blinds can be controlled conventionally with a cord and knob, as well as with a closed cord, beaded chain or a wand. We also stock Duolux blinds which have a combination of the functionality of a pleated blind and the classic look of Venetian blinds where both rails are controlled in the same way as in a pleated blind, using handles attached to the rails, and the blinds are tilted either with a plastic knob or button mounted on the upper rail. Premium blinds can also be successfully mounted on box windows, to give you a between-glass blind controlled with cords and a knob. Premium Venetian blinds are also ideal for windows with unusual shapes - even triangles or trapezoids are no problem for us. Custom blinds are controlled by a cord and a knob, except that because of the shape, you can't lift them up. The slats are then tilted by turning the plastic knob. Both blind variants, Premium and Basic, can be fitted with side guide-ropes that keep the blind in a fixed position relative to the window.


Our Basic variant comes in nearly 20 colours, while the Premium variant has over 200 colours to choose from. Our Premium Collection slat blinds not only have a choice of colours but also finishes, such as gloss. Just go to the configurator and start choosing! We also recommend you order free slat samples, to make sure you've chosen the right colour before you buy. Your slats will come supplied with matching rails and textiles.


All of our products are supplied complete with mounting brackets. All you have to do is choose the right assembly method in our configurator.

Basic Venetian Blinds
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Premium Venetian Blinds
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The configuration is simpler than you think:
Our Configurator allows you to create a product in a few simple steps:
Model selection

Slat color selection

System color selection

Installation type selection


Please make an accurate measurement of your window.
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