Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

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  • for rectangular or non-standard shaped windows
  • about 80 various slats
  • width of slats: 89mm, 127 mm
  • full customization

Vertical blinds

Our collection of vertical blinds is perfect for large windows as well as patio doors and any other window in your home. Sunlux24 gives you the choice of many textures, colours and designs. There are plenty of options to choose from. In order for you to be able to control the light as you wish, you can rotate a vertical blind so that exactly the right amount of sunlight is transmitted and at the same time you receive incredible shade. Moreover, our vertical blinds help to cut your heating bills and keep your rooms cosy and warm.

Control of our vertical blinds

The basic way to open and close vertical blinds is in the STP option, which is with a cord and a plastic beaded chain cord to rotate the slats. The more sophisticated STM model replaces the plastic beaded chain cord with a metal version. The third model is the IPC, where both the rotating and sliding lamellae are supported with a single plastic beaded chain cord. You can choose not only the control side but also customise the slat system to your needs in our configurator. You can also fit an electric motor to make operating the blinds even more convenient.

Our vertical blinds come in various fabrics

Our vertical blind collection comes in nearly 100 fabrics in two slat widths, 127mm and 89mm, so you're sure to find a colour to match your interiors and your needs. You can also search for fabrics by parameters such as opacity, flame or humidity resistance. We recommend you order some of our free fabric samples to ensure the colours are a perfect match.

Colours of our vertical blinds

Our vertical blinds are available in two basic colours, white and silver. Due to the number of inquiries concerning unusual colours for the system, we've introduced additional RAL colour paint profiles, which enable you to find a perfect match for e.g. your window frames.

Photo-print blinds

Due to increasing customer demand for bespoke designs, we've introduced a photo-print option which allows your own artwork or photos to be printed onto the fabric for a totally unique result. The fabric is personalised by a technique called sublimation where the paint penetrates directly into the fabric. As a result, you won't see fading with use. The inks used in the printing process have all been certified safe for use with children. The end product is odourless, so there is no difference from our standard products beyond its most important advantage - a bespoke, unique blind.

Installation of your new vertical blinds

All of our products are supplied complete with mounting brackets. All you have to do is choose the appropriate assembly method in our configurator.

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